Antenatal classes

For whom?

  • for women planning maternity
  • for pregnant women
  • for women after childbirth and their babies

Antenatal classes in Poznan

A pregnancy is an exceptional time for every woman and her relatives, it involves also a lot of incessant changes in the body. Each subsequent week of the pregnancy is another challenge. COREclinic is a place for future mothers. We have created an offer that would allow 9 months to be a joyful expectation for a child.

Our team consists of experienced therapists. They always give a hand and support you with a good word. We provide a comprehensive care tailored individually to pregnant women. We want the preparation for a childbirth to be a good memory.

An osteopath will help in the natural adaptation of the woman’s body to the developing fetus and, in case of any ailments associated with pregnancy, will release the growing tissue tensions. A Watsu therapist will provide a relaxing session in the pool for a pregnant woman which will naturally relax her body. A nutritionist will provide necessary information on healthy development of a child and rational and tasty nutrition during pregnancy. A reflexologist and masseur will provide unforgettable moments of relaxation by balancing the muscle tension in the body.

As part of our offer, we provide classes in the field of emergency medical services, meetings with experienced midwives and lactation consultants. The offered meetings will allow every future mother to plan the pregnancy calendar well, and the long-awaited date of birth will not be surprising.

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Osteopathy for pregnant women

An osteopath supports with delicate techniques the female body and the natural / physiological processes occurring in it. Using his hands, he takes advantage of a lot of safe, gentle, painless techniques to ensure the health of a mother and a baby. An osteopath who chooses an appropriate treatment for the patient is able to help a lot in ailments associated with breast pain, sciatica or faster fatigue. And osteopath helps in a safe way the patient and her child in preparation for a delivery.

Reflexology for pregnant women

Reflexology allows you to maintain the body balance. Massage of the feet and hands will be an ideal treatment when a future mum will begin to feel tired or suffer from calf pain or spasms, digestive problems (heartburn) or swollen legs. Facial and head massage will bring relief in case of physical and mental tension or stress associated with the childbirth. Reflexotherapy will make the future mother feel refreshed. The reflexology treatment relaxes a woman and her child at the same time, it allows to maintain the body balance.

Reflexology for newborns

Foot reflexology will help build the child’s immunity through a daily foot massage. It allows you to cope with various ailments without taking medicine from the pharmacy (colic, runny nose, falling asleep hardships, digestive problems, skin problems, teething, earache, crying, anxiety, improving the functioning of organs and internal systems, supporting the physical and mental development of the child). Foot reflexology as a daily routine allows you to build closeness and bond between a mother and a child and prepare feet to walk.

Reflexology for women after childbirth

Foot reflexology performed immediately after a delivery will reduce the risk of postnatal depression and will work beneficially in the absence or shortage of food, support the regeneration of the body, help come back to emotional and physical power after childbirth. Face and head reflexology will bring deep relaxation, allow you to regain strength after a sleepless night, it is an effective way to deal with new challenges and enjoy motherhood.

WATSU for pregnant women

A Watsu therapist helps you to get a state of deep relaxation. The therapy is intended for women after the first trimester of pregnancy. The water environment in which the therapy takes place allows you to relieve the body. It results in getting a relaxed and rested spine. Therapy favours the elimination of increased muscle tension and it increases mobility. It also facilitates the flow of lymph which prevents the formation of oedemas. WATSU helps pregnant women in the process of both physical and mental changes in the body. In this wonderful time, a woman feels a more intense touch, and WATSU guarantees her a pleasant water massage. It allows you to relax, improves the quality of sleep, reduces fatigue. WATSU allows you to get rid of stress and release emotions – a woman can feel special.

Diet for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. Nutrition is important before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after delivery. Meals should be a source of good quality energy for both a mother and a baby. Over the period of 9 months, the demand for specific micro and macro elements changes, the flavours also change and there can appear some ailments. They can be solved by a holistic dietician in a simple and natural way. Conscious nutrition can strengthen women planning pregnancy in the fight against various diseases such as: thyroid disease, diabetes, allergies, asthma, etc. Conscious nutrition of a mother has a significant impact on the health of a baby and it significantly affects the woman’s return to form after childbirth as well. A holistic look helps to strengthen the body of a woman and a child, so that each of them can enjoy health and good energy every day. The COREclinic team is looking forward to taking care of you! Welcome!

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