Aquatherapy is a rehabilitation performed in the water environment. The main advantage of this environment is relieving the exerciser. Water causes that the movement is performed more easily through the apparent reduction of the body weight and gravity.

For whom?

  • children and adults
  • in the case of neurological ailments
  • by injuries and contusions

What is the goal?

  • aquatherapy provides a greater joint mobility, reduces pressure and improves blood circulation

Why is it worth it?

  • it affects favourably joints and protects them from the excessive strain
  • it relieves the exerciser’s body on one hand, but on the other hand water resistance builds up muscle strength and improves physical performance
  • water provides the optimal conditions for activities involving many muscle groups and reduces the feeling of pain or discomfort connected to exercising

Watsu® Therapy

For whom?

  • for active people, mainly athletes
  • for all those who feel muscle tension
  • for people suffering from depression or anxiety
  • with ADHD
  • with post traumatic state
  • for those suffering from chronic fatigue
  • for those suffering from chronic pain
  • for those struggling to reduce spasticity (especially in cerebral palsy)
  • for those who want to increase the range of joint mobility

What is it?

  • WATSU therapy is performed in warm water (34-35 ° C).
  • it includes specific, systematized sequences of stretching and mobilizing exercises, combined with Japanese Shiatsu massage

What is the effect?

  • the relaxation of the body

Watsu®therapy is one of the most modern and the most advanced form of bodywork, it allows a therapist to eliminate the receiver’s discomfort within the movement system and to influence his mental sphere as well as it helps relax the body.

Our lifestyle and stress very often lead to increased muscle tension, back pain, sleep and eating disorders. To combat these problems Watsu® therapy (from Water and Shiatsu) is highly recommended. It is based on systematized sequences of movements, compressions, stretching and mobilization. It contains elements of Zen Shiatsu – a Japanese energy points massage. The uniqueness of Watsu® is that the session takes place in warm water at 34-35 ° C, which directly affects deep relaxation, as well as reduction of muscle tension and regenerative process.

This modern method works well in sports physiotherapy (supports regeneration and facilitates restoration of mental balance), rehabilitation (especially concerning patients with increased muscular tension and people suffering from chronic pain; it is helpful in reducing spasticity and increasing joint mobility), and also as an element of wellness. It is also recommended for people with ADHD, those who suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic states and chronic fatigue. In addition, Watsu® treatment series allow to achieve the following effects: sleep quality improvement, support of metabolic processes, immunity boost, reduction of depression, anxiety and hyperactivity symptoms and increased well-being.