CORE50+ / Seniors

We perfectly know that life begins … after fifty! This is why we will enable you to take care of your health and fitness regardless of your age. We will exclude contraindications for increased physical activity, we will adjust exercises for seniors – those improving the flexibility of the body (stretching, yoga, foam rolling), exercises in water (aquatherapy) or regenerative massage. We will prepare a diet counteracting osteoporosis and weight problems.

Thanks to regular physical activity and contact with qualified staff, you will be prepared to fullfil your sports goals, as well as the goal of well-being and achieving full health.

Our activities are focused on educating our clients so that they know why they exercise, what benefits they have for themselves and their closest environment. We encourage you to try services dedicated to you:

  • osteopathic therapy – degenerative diseases
  • workshops on rolling, stretching and exercises for the elderly at home
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation and fall prevention
  • rehabilitation after knee arthroscopy
  • rehabilitation after hip joint endoprosthesis
  • rehabilitation after stroke
  • motor preparation training – maintaining professional activity
  • SCIO – bioresonance
  • DWR (deep water running) active rest

We present the package offer:

  • active senior – diet consultation; 6x rehabilitation in the hall or at the pool; 3x reflexology of the feet and hands or face and head; 2x osteopathic therapy, 2x partial massage; 2x Watsu.
Value: 1975 zł package price: 1770 zł
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