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“All children are ours …” – in accordance with the song and the needs of our clients, we have prepared a special offer of services dedicated to our youngest patients. The growing pace of life also loads the childern more. We often can not deal with it. Many of our patients are kids attending extracurricular activities, which can overload the motor organs when are lead unprofesionally. Patients exempted from PE classes are more and more often reported because they have been diagnosed with sterile osteonecrosis (eg heel or tibial tuberosity). When conventional medicine throws its hands up and makes us wait, we are ready to help. By using professionally programmed rehabilitation, we are able to train oung patients without exposing them tothe y increased pain.

The offer of children’s therapy, which we have prepared, includes taking care of the proper body structure and harmonious development too. In the west, an osteopath is like a dentist – you visit him every 3 months, regularly in order to get to know your body even better. Finding the balance is the key to health and happiness.

We present the offer of therapy packages for children:

  • beginning for young children (newborns) – 3 x osteopathic therapy; 3 x foot reflexology + training with baby foot massage.
Value: 825 zł package price: 750 zł
  • active child for older children – 2 x osteopathic therapy; 10 x rehabilitation in a room or swimming pool with corrective exercises; 3 x foot reflexology + training with baby foot massage.
Value: 1875 zł package price: 1670 zł
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