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If you play sport professionally, you need a professional support from experienced people. Come to us for a consultation!

We will eliminate problems that pose contraindications for you for training. We will precisely show you places particularly exposed to overload injuries related to physiological (training) and psychological stress. You will learn how to look after yourself holistically. We will reduce the risk of injury during training or work on existing ailments. We will examine the range of movement, muscular strength and postural stability and prepare the proposals for a corrective / strengthening exercises plan. In order to introduce an appropriate diet, we will conduct a SCIO bioresonance study and consultation with a dietitian. We will offer sports massage, tailored medical research to monitor training changes – exercise parameters, as well as physiological tests (setting thresholds). Cryotherapy with the use of Innovative Technology by Cryospace will increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

We present packages offer:

  • training – preliminary examination – osteopathic consultation plus functional examination; 10x motor training; 2x massage or 3x cryospace.

Value: 1750 zł package price: 1570 zł

  • rehabilitation – 10x rehabilitation (room + pool); 3x cryospace; 2x manual therapy or 2x partial massage.

Value: 2240 zł package price: 1970 zł

  • regeneration I – 4x reflexology of the feet and hands or face and head; 3x Watsu or 3x partial massage; 5x cryospace; 2x osteopathic therapy.

Value: 1605 zł package price: 1370 zł

  • regeneration II – 6x BOA, 5x cryospace; 4x full-body massage.

Value: 1525 zł package price: 970 zł