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For women we have prepared a dedicated rehabilitation and training programmes, especially effective when we want to achieve sports goals. We help arrange a well-balanced post-workout meal, we make you aware how important is a regular irrigation of the organism and how crucial is physical activity nowadays. The programmes are tailored individually, both for very active women and for women who are just starting their sports adventure.

We have prepared a special offer for all women who expect a child. The Watsu therapy we perform in water is one of a few forms that relieve back pain. Shortly after a birth, we support the regeneration of the woman’s body and help take care of the harmonious development of babies through osteopathic therapy – especially important after long or traumatic births. Answering to the needs, every mother can receive help in returning to the pre-birth form!

suggested services:

  • osteopathic therapy
  • rehabilitation
  • Watsu
  • functional training
  • massage

We present the package offer:

  • take care of yourself – 10 x Rehabilitation in the gym or pool or training; 3x full body massage *; 3x reflexology of the feet and hands or face and head; 3 x Chinese cups.
    Value: 2355 zł package price: 1870 zł
    * whole body massage can be turned into dietary advice
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