For whom?

Listening to the radio and television, observing what food products enter the market, we often wonder if there is still anything that we can eat without harming ourselves. A danger lurks at every step. That’s why each of us, especially those who are not satisfied with their body weight, should benefit from dietitian’s consultations. We will advise allergy sufferers and those with food intolerances. We will help people with irritable bowel syndrome, who are our most frequent patients. We will prove that the most common cause of these ailments are stress and bad eating habits.

What is the goal?

The task we set ourselves is to build our client’s awareness – that you are what you eat! If we supply poor fuel to the engine, our health will be miserable. The goal is to maximize the health potential that we have in our body.

Why is it worth it?

To live a full life. To have energy every day, not just when we are on vacation. Because it is worth taking care of our most valuable tool which is our body. And the body is not just skin, muscles and fat. It’s primarily a liver, a brain, a stomach, intestines and a heart.
Food is an inseparable part of our lives. Everyday habit. The quality, quantity, frequency and method of preparing meals are all investments in what is the most valuable thing – our HEALTH. Diet should not be a temporary, short-lived spurt, but a change in a lifestyle. The healthy habits result in body and mind energy.