Price list

Name of service:Time:Price:
First consultation15 min0,00 zł
Rehabilitation in water/Aquaterapia/Deep Running Water45 min130,00 zł
Rehabilitation in the gym45 min130,00 zł
Rehabilitation in the gym in water90 min230,00 zł
Osteopathic therapy30 min180,00 zł
Manual therapy/consultation40 min130,00 zł
Consultation/manual therapy/rehabilitation – dr Przemysław Lutomski30 min170,00 zł
Consultation/manual therapy – mgr Katarzyna Walentowska40 min140,00 zł
Consultation/manual therapy/rehabilitation – mgr Barnaba Perek40-60min140,00 zł
Relaxing and recuperating therapy in water using the WATSU method45 min150,00 zł
Full body massage60 min160,00 zł
Partial body massage45 min130,00 zł
Specialist doctors
Orthopedic consultation dr Tomasz Jaszczak170,00 zł
Medical Training60 min130,00 zł
Feet and hands reflexology60 min125,00 zł
Face and head reflexology60 min125,00 zł
Dietetics / Biorezonans
SINGLE MEETING- measurement and analysis of body composition, interview, analysis of current nutrition, initial recommendations, meals timetable, recommendations40 min150,00 zł
SETTING AND INDYWIDUAL MENU-menu set for 7 days to be used for the following 3 weeks350,00 zł
Biorezonans/ SCIO90-120 min300,00 zł