Rehabilitation allows to level down the risk of injury or existing ailments. Exercises are tailored to individual cases. We examine ranges of motion, muscular strength and postural stability, and than suggest a corrective or strengthening exercises plan.

For whom?

  • for people with orthopedic injuries
  • for people with neurological problems
  • athletes who want to go through the period of strategic deconditioning and preparation for the season professionally
  • children with all orthopedic and neurological ailments

What is the goal?

The goal is to return to the maximum possible form or to reach the pre-injury state. We strive to use a small steps method, so that each element is implemented with patient’s due attention and accuracy.

How do we operate?

At COREclinic rehabilitation is considered holistically. Beginning from the first visit, when the problem is observed, we try to solve it consistently. We will eliminate occuring problems. During the rehabilitation of damaged tissues and structures, we will not only restore them to the pre-injury state, but even strengthen them.

The work starts from the first visit on the treatment couch, during which we create a so-called body map. We indicate what to work on to obtain the best treatment results. A diagnosis allows to choose the best treatment method – ranging from a classic rehabilitation or a therapy in water, through a training which gradually builds better fitness of the body including the painful or problematic area. And also, in specific cases, diet consultations can be joint in that will help use good “fuel” and regenerate from the inside.

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