Hip pain

Hip pain

What are the causes?

Hip joint pain is often caused by following problems :

  • excessive tension of the iliac muscles and lumbar muscles, quadriceps muscle of the thigh, group of sciatic shins muscles, adductors and gluteal muscles,
  • blocking of vertebrae that builds the lumbar spine or sacrum and hip joint,
  • problems affecting the digestive organs,
  • circulatory and nerve conduction disorders.

What to do?

Not every hip pain coming down the leg is a sciatica. A properly conducted therapy aimed at harmonizing the tissue tension is often enough in order to immediately feel a significant difference.
In some cases the pain radiating to the hip is caused by a not balanced diet or eating something very heavy and weighing down our stomach and liver. Then you should work with these organs properly and pay special attention to adequate body hydration.
When suffering from acute pain, which does not go away within 24 hours, it is best to visit a suitably qualified therapist who will help us balance the tension coming from the tissues and help our body to return to harmony.

How do we treat?

Due to its wide range of motion and function, the hip joint is not easy to diagnose.
Our therapists examine carefully the whole body which has a hip joint pain problem. The pelvis, which is the closest joint area, is examined closely, as well as all other structures that connect and influence it.
We try to focus not only on the painful area, but we look for the cause of this pain. Therefore, it happens that before we get to the painful area with therapy, we first deal with all problems that can result in pain, and in this way we solve the problem from the very beginning to the end.
Of course, if the problem is serious or it can convert, we will offer you properly selected physical activities. They are designed to build such a muscle structure which enables the body to protect itself and protects against further painful incidents.