What hurts me – a lower leg

A lower leg


  • lower leg muscles overload
  • bursitis
  • Achilles tendon tendinopathy
  • irritation of nerves supplying the lower leg
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • venous stasis, thrombosis


The interview with the patient is very important, because a lifestyle (physical activity, diet) can have a major impact on the occuring pain. The occurrence of thrombosis in the family puts the patient in a risk group. In solving a problem of a lower leg pain, we take into consideration neighbouring joints namly knee and ankle joints, but also a pelvis, muscle connections, vessels and nerves supplying the lower leg. The important thing is also a proper functioning of internal organs, including kidneys and a liver. We strive to find the cause of the pain. By means of osteopathic therapies and properly conducted rehabilitation, we restore a patient to proper functioning.

What to do

What you need to do depends on the type of pain that appeared.

If the pain is strong, it has appeared in the foot, calf or popliteal fossa and ceases after lifting the limb up, we may have thrombosis. Symptoms that accompany thrombosis apart from the pain can include swelling, increased leg temperature, redness and tightness of the skin, and possibly a bluish skin color. In case of such symptoms, immediately consult a doctor.

If you have acute pain around the Achilles tendon, do not put this area under pressure. Conservative treatment can be used by applying ice. The sole of the foot and the calf should be loosened by using a roller, avoiding the place of pain. If the pain does not stop after 2 days, please report to the physiotherapist.

If the lower leg is tender, which may be a symptom of irritation of the nerves supplying this area, you should report to a physiotherapist.

In case of chronic pain in the lower leg and emerging edema associated with, for example, varicose veins, rehabilitation should be started, including both visits to the treatment room and physical rehabilitation in the pool and in the gym.