What hurts me – Knee pain

Knee pain

What causes?

Knee joint pain is often caused by problems connected with:

  • excessive tension of a quadriceps muscle of thighs, buttocks muscles and a strainer muscle of the broad fascia, a popliteal muscle, gastrocnemius or soleus muscules,
  • blocked joints that build the knee joint,
  • problems affecting the ligaments: their tearing or even breaking,
  • circulatory and nerve conduction disorders.

How do we treat?

Knee pain should not be neglected, because too long neglecting of it when it escalates can cause that the problem may start to spread to the next structures.
It is often enough to conduct a therapy aimed at appropriate harmonization of tissue tension to feel a significant difference immediately.
If the knee pain does not pass over time, and even gets worse and no stretching helps, you should visit an appropriate therapist as soon as possible to help you solve the problem.

Jak leczymy?

The knee joint is very complicated in its structure and therefore exposed to a large number of injuries. In its function it carries large loads and must endure sudden accelerations.
During the knee pain problems, our therapists try to check first what causes the pain. The history of the injury is also important. If the problem is exclusively tissue-based, the therapy will close at work in the treatment room, where the therapist, working with problems accumulating in the final pain, will gradually solve the problem. If you need to work on strengthening or loosening your muscles as well, then we will arrange a suitable exercise programme for you. Exercises will be thoroughly explained during individual classes when you will learn more about what goes on during the movement and what causes certain pain to appear.
When the problem is much more serious (eg. ligaments rupture) and the trauma surpasses our competence, we will try to refer you to an appropriate specialist who is able to help you with your problem.